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  • Create relational online databases and web forms

    Customize and integrate database or form to your web pages. Starting from $9/month

  • Create Store, web-site or blog

    Use our CMS to create your site or online store within a few minutes.

  • SMS and Email notifications and newsletters

    SMS and email notifications, newsletters and reminders for your clients

  • No programming required
    Intuitive editing interface makes life easy!
  • Share your data

    Import from Excel/CSV and share with anybody using widgets

  • Android version

    Sync your databases with Android devices

  • Safe and Protected

    SSL on all accounts. Data is held in USA, RackSpace Cloud

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    Manage your data

    Design, maintain and host your data

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    Web forms

    Customize and integrate to your web pages

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    Share your data

    Import from anywhere and share with anybody

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    No programming required

    Intuitive editing interface makes life easy!

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    Low price

    Only $9.00/month

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    Send email confirmations to your users, customize them and set up different notifications options.

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    Invite your team to your project, select permissions and different access levels and work on your database together.

What people say about MyTaskHelper

"MyTaskHelper is a bright example of what happens with smart people developing brilliant tools. MTH offers the complete package for anyone looking for using a hosted online database (that can be shared with others). What impressed me most of all is how easy and intuitive the MTH system is. After using the system for 10 mins, I was ready to sign up for unlimited access. Nice job guys! Keep going on! "
- Colt Alton, Founder

"MTH is the perfect solution for storing and using your contact database. Great and very helpful services. You do not need neither profound DB knowledge, nor have to worry about server maintenance and co-location. The support is excellent, because people, working there, love their job and entirely dedicated to it!"
- Ivan Peltekov,

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Relational Cloud Database

MTH is a relational online database. It's an easy web based application with drag and drop interface. Cloud database application helps you to store business info in the cloud, where everyone can easily see and use information from anywhere, anytime. Our db management system offer the best software for collecting, sharing and analyzing business information.

Free online database

Online Database helps you to create unlimited database application using our integrated form builder, google maps creator and charts constructors. Sign up for Free account with one table and use your online db for free.

  • Online Database Software for Personals and Individuals: Medical Records, Contact Manager, Event Planner, Wedding Invitation, Recipe Catalog and more...
  • Relational Database Builder for Small and Big Businesses: Bug Tracker, CRM, Marketing Analysis, Help-desk, Project Tracker, Time-sheets, Surveys and more...
  • Easiest DB Creator for Non profitable organizations: Campaign Tracker, Volunteer Registration, Event Management, Questionnaire, Church Missions, Donor Management, and more...
  • Database Maker for Educational Schools and Universities: Library Manager, Curriculum, Student Information, Training, School Operations, Workshop Scheduler and more...

Web Database Software - Benefits

  • Safe and Protected: Database located on many servers. Every day we are doing full database backups. Also you can schedule and run it yourself.
  • Quick and Affordable: MTH table maker helps building forms and web databases for small businesses as well as big companies.
  • Web Based DB: MyTaskHelper is an on line database maker available 24/7. You should not download it. Create your amazing online db applications in minutes and start using it right now.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access: database software give you web database access from anywhere across the world, at any time you need.
  • Database roles: Using several different access levels you can collaborate with your co-workers easily. Just invite them, choose their role and start working together in a moment.
  • Easy-to-use: MyTaskHelper database software is cheap and very easy to use. The intuitive drag-and-drop web form builder lets you to create online forms easily.

MTH relational Database Maker

Millions of online databases were made and integrated by our happy customers. Using relationships you can link several tables and use it to build your business process.

  • Build and relax Using MyTaskHelper database builder you can forget about technical details - you can create your web databases and put them into live very fast. Once you've build your DB or web-form you can start waiting for email notifications about new added records. Collect and analyze it using Views or Charts.
  • Easy Database MyTaskHelper online data base builder will take care about all the technical details of your DB. You'll be able to use drag and drop interface to update your columns, re-sort them, create DB views etc. All the changes will accepted at the same time. So you shouldn't worry about your live DB or form widgets. Changes and improvements will be made very fast without any delay or changes.
  • Flexible Build Process: Table maker web database do not require any programming skills, everything can be done in a couple minutes using point and click and drag and drop tools. When running your own online business it is very important to create web based database and start communicating with clients. Online order or contact us widgets can be built very easily. Embed them and you are on the go.