Migrate Offer for DabbleDb users. MyTaskHelper - Easy Way to Manage & Share Data on the Web

Any dabbledb user that wants to use the MTH services will receive a 25% discount for the first year of service. This discount expires at the end of the year, so don’t miss out on this benefit.

We are pleased to let you know about some important updates we have made to the MyTaskHelper system. We are confident that you will now find MTH will meet your needs as a replacement for DabbleDB. We'd like to highlight a few of the enhanced features we have released and get your feedback.

  • 1. We have complete re-branded the MTH design to make it more user friendly. This includes all of the aspects (form builder, widget builder, records management, etc). All of the elements in MTH have the new look and feel and we have already received positive feedback on the interface. We believe the point-and-click interface is incredibly intuitive. Usability remains our first priority.

  • 2. We've introduced new Plans to make the adoption of MTH very accessible. We have free plans to help people get started in a limited capacity and annual plans that give people get a big discount on unlimited use of the system. People can also sign up for unlimited use on a monthly basis and it is still more affordable than dabble, so we think people will appreciate this.

  • 3. Relationships. We know that being able to build relationships would be a valuable thing to add to the MTH service, so we are pleased to announce that you can now use Relationships when building custom forms. Users can simply drag & drop their relationships and the database gets updated automatically. Users can also link forms when they are exported from SQL or other data sources. We've put together a short demo to show you how easy it is to work with Relationships. You can view the demo here

  • 4. Views, which we call "Widgets" gives users a way to filter records and save searches, filters, and grouping. This is very helpful when you want to work with a subset of data in the database. We calling it Widgets. This is the way to filter records and save Search, Filtering, Grouping results, for being able to work with a subset of database. For being able to Export it, to run Subtotals, count records, average etc. We will be able to customize and integrate it soon (working on widget builder changes for this)

  • 5. You can Search, Sort, Paginate, Export, Filter database, properly navigate throught it, export, run Total for the result of Search etc.

  • 6. Grouping. This is a way to group your database by several columns. Again this is implemented in another way then our competitors doing. We using Drag & Drop for changing table columns order in the group etc.

  • 7. Fitltering. This is a quick and intuitive way to filter database by one column. You just selecting table column and clicking on 0..9, a..z, A..Z You can then paginate filtering result, run total, average and export to Excel. You can save result and use it later (like you did with Views in other systems)

  • 8. Database Widget Export to Excel, Allow End User Edits, Database Widget Editing, updated records email notifications. We have Emails section in Form Widget settings with various email notification sections, i.e. to receive emails about added and updated records, to send email confirmations and allowing end user edits to come back and edit records in the future.

  • 9. You can find User Role Management on the Team menu. Where you can set administrator or user of your database. We also working on improving it.

  • 10. A lot of new features in Widget Builder. You can find several new security, redirects, moderation and design options.

We are dedicated to delivering the most value that we can to our customers and we will continually update and upgrade the system. The benefit of our system is that as soon as these update are released, you automatically get to the benefit of the new features.
Please let us know if there are any questions on this. Also, we'd love to hear your feedback on the new features. We've created this simple feedback form to gather customer input. You can share your feedback by going to http://mytaskhelper.com/feedback