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Web-form builder

Online web-forms make data collection, analysis and reporting much easier than any other method.
Here is a super easy way to create such web-forms, online.

Online Database

MTH is a relational online database. It's an easy-to-use web based application with a drag and drop interface.
This cloud database application helps you to store business info in the cloud, where everyone can easily see and use the information from anywhere, anytime.


You can generate Reports, build Charts, Calendars and Google maps, and integrate them all using the Widgets.
Setup the field rules, security settings, captcha and reminders and build your tables or forms into your web pages using Copy & Paste.

CRM features

SMS and Email notifications and newsletters
Action rules and conditional formattings.
Customer portals.

Email and SMS

MTH it's like Online Excel on Steroids.

Receive email notifications about new, updated, deleted or imported records in your database.

Get notified via SMS if someone submits your form. Send SMS or Email confirmations to users. Great way to check for valid email or phone number.

Send email or SMS newsletters directly to selected emails or phone numbers. Schedule and automize such newsletters.

Excel/PDF export and import

You can import data to your MTH table from Excel or CSV. Update it and export to PDF or Excel at any time.

Using Tasks module you can schedule your exports to Email or FTP.

Update existing records when key data matches.

Find Duplicates and upload multiple files in a time.


You can integrate Table, Web-Form, Calendar, Chart, Google Map and Reports to your site using Widgets. Customize with rich settings and embed in various ways.

Control every aspect of your widget: color, size, CSS.

Password protect your table or form. Add simple or ReCaptcha.

Redirect user after form submission to any other URL.



  • 5 Forms
  • 1,000 Records
  • 500MB Files


From $4.16 / 1 Month

  • 15 Forms
  • 2,000 Records
  • 1000MB Files


From $8.33 / 1 Month

  • 100 Forms
  • 10,000 Records
  • 2GB Files

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Online Database Creator

MyTaskHelper database creator is definitely the easiest way to create online databases. With MyTaskHelper database user friendly drag & drop instruments and applications, you can create online databases like a professional, even if you don't know how to code and deploy them to your users right away. You don't need any program to install and configure or servers to purchase and support. MyTaskHelper database creator allows users to create amazing web databases and deliver it very fast. It will help you to avoid such headache as setting up servers, buying hosting and configuring databases. User interaction process and web interface are pre-configured already.

How to create online database?

Database Builder helps you to create nice database application powered by data collection, data analysis and data reporting. Database Builder lets you collect any type of data.

  • Use ready databases: MyTaskHelper database creator provides the largest set of online database applications for your every day business. Applications like IT Management, Marketing, Education, Sales, Human Resources, Non-Profits and so on. Check demo video of creator and make the same in five minutes.
  • Import XLS or CSV and create online database spreadsheet software: Easy import your excel or CSV (Comma separated values) data to create online database. Databases will be created with your data.
  • Create web based database software migrating from MS Access database: MyTaskHelper highly recommend you to move from Access to online database creator MyTaskHelper.
  • Easy create online database from scratch: You can easily create online database using MyTaskHelper from scratch, just use our drag & drop form creator and you'll have database built in background automatically. You can add as much data fields as you wish with all possible data types. You can use conditional logic to make your forms dynamic and so on.

MyTaskHelper easy build online databases

Online database system changes the way of work with online databases and business applications very strong. MyTaskHelper database builder offers an extremely great, scalable, and safe platform for apps developing and deploying without any programming. With MyTaskHelper database creator, you will never need to think about hardware. MyTaskHelper database application provides the best and easy instruments that let you concentrate on creating online databases, rather than infrastructure. You can create online database in five minutes and then deploy them to your users right away.

  • Drag & drop form creator: Online database tool supports easy and intuitive interface to build online databases by yourself very fast. Just drag & drop data fields to create form fields and data tables. Conditional and business logic can be added using simple UI as well.
  • Excel export and import: MyTaskHelper database software supports creation of databases from Excel files as well as gathering, storing and exporting data back to Excel.
  • Collaboration: You can work with your team on your MyTaskHelper databases. Set database roles for your friends and colleagues. They can be administrators, read & write, read write and build, read only users. And it can be changed at any time.