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Customize Database Record using HTML template

Using Record templates is the really powerful way to customize database record HTML. You can insert any CSS or HTML to create just any page you need

The main idea - using HTML templates you can change the page of the database record widget. It will be easier to use the record page by your website users.

You can use this feature for every project. Modify the standard database record widget as you need.

HTML templates


First you need to enable Redirect to record widget page. You can do this in the Form widget menu, Settings tab:
Redirect to record widget page option

To start using templates go to the Table widget menu and open Record tab.

create record template

Click on 'Create record template' and create your own template in WYSIWYG editor. Using HTML, CSS code or just built-in menu options, you can change the standatd record view. Also, you can choose one of the mock-ups, which are divided by format for record ("Standard") and tiles.

Create record template

Using the html editor tools, you can insert images, change the size, color, and font of text, insert links, iframes, and even other QuintaDB widgets. To get your record values from database click on How to insert record data link and use HTML field names, which you can get from the dropdown below.

You can  also edit the template on the HTML code level.

To do this, click on the Source button in the editor.

If need to save Record Widget to PDF: 

- Click on the Print icon:

- Choose "Save as PDF" from Destination dropdown list and click on "Save" button:

Url-image in Record Widget

Using URL field type, you can notice that "If URL points to image, show it in table" option is enabled by default:

In the Records menu and in the Table Widget, the image will be displayed. But in the Record Widget it will be url only:

To display the image you need to:

1. Open Record's widget templatet editor and open the Source in the toolbar.

2. Find the Url field and add the img src tag before the html field name, as it shown in the screenshot below:


Watch the video at the article beginning to see an example of using HTML template.

We hope this functionality will help in the development of your online business.

Link to Record Widget

Using Formula field you can create a link to your Record Widget.

Also, you can select the record template. This way you can create the several formula fields, by click on each the different record template will be applied to the record view.

Read more about "Link to Record View" option by this link.