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MTH - it's a form and database builder. You can import data from Excel or create web-form from scratch, embed form widget into your website and collect data into database from your own site.

You can create not only the form, but also table, report and login form widgets. You can build Charts, Maps and Calendars too.

The Project can has as many Forms as you need. You can have as many projects as you wish. Actually, Project - it's a database, and Form - it's a Table. In this article you can see how to create the project with form.

In MTH you can link forms using Relationships. In fact, due to the rich set of functions, such as Email- and SMS- newsletters, in MTH you can configure the whole CRM system for your business.

You can share your database with your team members using Team module and also you can create Customers Portals, i.e. database with registration and sign-in forms with per field/column/record/user/module permissions.

When you open any project or form you'll see the menu at the left. Below you'll see the links to blog posts with explanations about each menu items, modules and functions. 

At the very bottom of this page you'll see more links to other documentations and contacts, and most importantly - to the help search form.














All available features listed in the Alphabetical topic index.

If you still have any questions, please, read FAQ or create post on the Forum.

MTH news always published in Blog, also we have the channel on Youtube

Other contacts can be found on the Contacts page.

You can search throught all form and blog posts using the form below.



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